Datacenter Innovation Region provides an opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises, with operations in Norrbotten and Västerbotten, to gain support for the development of products and services in the field of  data centers and clouds.

The purpose is to promote the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, in collaboration with universities, institutes and technical data center test environment.

The project can provide financial support:
1) To define, develop, test and demonstrate new and better products and services
2) For external work and services for research, development, innovation and business development
3) For fees and expenses for equipment and test environments

Particularly interesting areas of need are:
- Flexible and greener construction principles for data centers
- Energy recovery of heat from data centers
- Automation of operation and maintenance, and software-based solutions for efficient data processing and secure cloud services

The project will run until the end of 2021.

The project support small and medium-sized enterprises in Norrbotten and Västerbotten
in the following areas:

  • Information, advice and guidance in the field of data centers and cloud
  • Market analysis
  • Business support, identifying sales channels and potential clients
  • Support for research and development and finding partners for research collaboration
  • Support with process management and finding the right expert to increase your company's competitiveness
  • Consulting and auditing in connection with commercialization
  • We also tailor support to your company

Access to test environment
The project also provides access to an advanced test environment. This is an experimental environment for research, innovation and demonstration of infrastructure and IT products for data centre facilities.

Do you want to participate in the project or do you have any questions? Contact us, companies in Norrbotten, contact Jan-Olov Johansson and businesses in Västerbotten, contact Annika Svensson.

Project Manager Västerbotten
Annika Svensson


Project Manager Norrbotten
Jan-Olov Johansson